IT Woman?

Are you a woman and have IT as a part of your everyday life? If so, we are convinced that Q Rendezvous is for you!

Q Rendezvous, Consid's female network, is a place where IT-conscious women can exchange experiences and establish professional relationships. All women; established in the IT industry, in a role in which IT is a big part of your everyday life, and students are warmly welcomed. As we ourselves are active in a male-dominated field, equality work is important to us. The network works for women who want to share experiences and become stronger in their professional role.

We want to cater to the needs that exist for women to exchange ideas, get inspired and make new business contacts through their own arrangements and collaborations with partners. The intention is to keep recurring tasks, and gather career women to inspiration evenings where exciting speaker is invited, where new contacts can be tied and IT-related issues and topics can be discussed.

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Picture of Johanna Åberg

Johanna Åberg

Key Account Manager