We're in the middle of the perfect storm

Our belief and passion is to promote a more efficient and improved business environment. Today's fast pace of development, with short product life cycles and accelerating influx services, makes our industry move forward in an unprecedented pace. We have the opportunity to transform our everyday lives, linking continents in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Technology has entered boardrooms, the society, companies and organizations and it has improved the quality of our time by simplifying our lives. The demand for IT services is not only increasing, but is also appearing in new contexts. This is a development which is beneficial for us.

Consid is a consulting company focusing on the needs of our clients. We always act independently, which is possible because of the fact that we do not develop our own products. We do not compete with our clients and we have no commercial ties to neither vendors, products or technologies.

Consid is a stable company with strong growth where our customers base makes us very resilient to fluctuations in the general economic climate. For us, profitability is mainly due to four factors: available time, price, billing rate, and cost control. Furthermore, these factors are affected by competition, the economy and the ability to recruit new employees. By creating a flexible organization with expertise that can be moved between different industries and geographic regions, we are able to balance the various geographic regions against each other. This is how we respond to the market-related risks that often pose a threat in today's business environment.

Peter Hellgren, CEO

Picture of Peter Hellgren

Peter Hellgren

CEO Consid