Application Management

Within the business area Application Management, we offer a full commitment service to development and management, which is conducted in close cooperation with the clients businesses and IT departments. We are within the limits of the area responsible for the overall delivery of support, management, development, administration management and project management.

For many companies and organizations, application development and application management is not part of the core business. With this they often experience problems as:

  • To attract competent staff and retain and develop them for a long time.
  • That the technology is developing so quickly that it is hard to keep up.
  • That it is difficult to achieve the right quality and service for their internal products and services.
  • That it is difficult to in a quickly and flexibe way scale resource over time.
  • That it is difficult to optimize costs, lack of competition and rapidly changing personnel costs.

The solution for problems like these is within in our service Application Management, where we offer ourselves to take full responsibility for the overall delivery, while the client acts as a client. We are responsible of the total delivery in areas such as support, management, development, administration management and project management.

Within the area Application Management, we offer:

  • Takeover according to a three-step process
  • Collaboration model
  • Management and support
  • Delivery against service levels
  • Development of new business support
  • Agile Project Management
  • Business driven administration management
  • Outsouring
  • Offshore or nearshore
  • Agile methodology

We also offer:

  • A maturity analysis, where we analyze the current situation and recommend a sourcing strategy to streamline, improve quality, flexibility and optimize costs.
  • A total offer for the management and development, where we apply a professional and effective approach based on an adaptation of established methods such as Scrum, SAFE, PM3, PPS and others.
  • Offshore can be included as part of the total offering, to optimize cost.
  • We also offer management in administration management and project and program management and support for the introduction of an agile approach as part of the total offering.

Consid is the obvious choice when it comes to services in Application Management, in terms of our geographic expanse, speed and flexibility. We have the muscles needed to give our customers security and continuity and are unique in our ability to quickly change our staffing and our scale through efficient processes for resource supply. We have a structured way to collaborate and work closely with our clients. For us, it is very important that our clients know that we work closely with them and under their guidance. We are passionate about helping our clients' businesses to get a user-friendly and good IT support, where we carry out and implement what our clients decide.

Lennart Holeby

Business Area Manager Application Management