Consid Communication offers a comprehensive range of services in marketing and communications, and work in campaigns, content, design, print, film, radio, brand development, public relations and public information. We always have a long-term brand perspective in our customer projects, whether they are quick jobs, promotions or broad communication concepts.

Think "advertising" - but add a world of digital opportunities. Then you have a good first picture of what Consid Communication is. We are idea driven, brand building and long-term with our clients, in both analog and digital channels. We are an innovative, experienced and strategic communication and marketing partner offering everything from creative production to brand platforms.

As a part of the nationwide Consid we can also offer a broad portfolio of digital services and excellence. It creates great communication opportunities for our customers. We are part of a larger whole, where ideas can develop freely and without restriction - where we can choose the channels where just your message gets maximum impact.

We believe in the importance of never standing still, without having to constantly find new ways forward. We are knowledgeable and creative, but also responsive and unpretentious. A good relationship with the customer, and the ability of thoughts and ideas to move freely between us, is crucial to reach the really strong results.

It should be easy and fun to be our client. But above all, it should pay off. For behind the ideas, and the feelings they create, there is always the goal of communication is an investment that creates long-term gains. The fact we never lose sight of.

Picture of Douglas Lindevall

Douglas Lindevall

CEO/Business Area Manager Consid COmmunication