Is there a possibility to structure innovation? Is there an organized way to store ideas and the creativity that an organization has? Absolutely - we believe so. Within our business area Innovation we work with helping companies and organizations store the creative ideas and innovations that are constantly being created in workplaces and through a dialogue with the client. We use established tools and processes to build long term sustainable solutions that are be able to be fully integrated into our clients operating environments. Our goals is that all great ideas will be able to get tested in a sharp environment without using huge resources.

Within our business area Innovation, we live as we learn. With our entrepreneurial heart we have the ability to see our clients need for a quick and structured solution regarding innovation and idea methods that are also applicable in reality. We understand that our clients simply do not have the time and money to get stuck in long process analysis and certification terms before they can test new ideas.

We help companies and organizations to effectively identify ideas and test them to see if they qualify for usage in daily operations, and afterwards quickly apply these practically. It can regard everything from tools to mediate internal input from the workshops or office floors, where an observant coworker found an easy way to solve a local issue, to through interactive dashboards, collect answers in an external customer survey where the customer bring feedback and ideas.

The tools that we use in our daily work are tested innovational methods that in combination with new digital platforms, are able to integrate with different CMS-platforms. Our width and height regarding technical competence, together with the knowledge resources we have at our disposal internally and with our innovational partners, opens up for greater commitment. When we also add business intelligence and a long term strategy management at the highest level, we can conclude that we are the end-to-end partner with a complete responsibility regarding long term value creation within the business area of innovation and idea generation that our clients need.