Modern Workplace

In today´s interactive and online community, the traditional office no longer exists, instead people commute between a physical office, a café, business trips or comfortably from their sofa at home – independent of time and space. A well functioning modern workplace with its users in focus is crucial in order to have an organization that is attractive and puts security, cooperation and communication regardless of the unit, first. Within the business area Modern Workplace we help our clients with solutions that meets the needs in this constantly changing digital world.

A modern workplace can increase each coworkers potential and the workforce as a whole in order to rapidly meet and exceed the clients expectations. But, without any clear picture of the needs or guidance, the digital workplace usually leads to the opposite – ineffectiveness and frustration. Building digital working procedures that are planned for those people who are working there creates an innovative, fast paced and flexible workplace. We believe that most coworkers today are used to a digital presence, but is it optimized and adapted to the businesses and worlds needs and demands?

Today the development is moving in a rapid speed within the area and at the same time the digital solutions have matured, which makes it possible to, without any complication, get started and receive an increase in productivity and a simplified cooperation both internally and externally. Furthermore benefiting from new functions such as AI and cognitive services.

 Microsoft has for a long time been leading within digital solutions for workplaces where Azure, SharePoint and Office 365 constitutes one of our central and highly prioritized platforms for solutions within Consid. With an expertise within a number of business areas and a Gold certified partner cooperation with Microsoft, we have the opportunity to deliver unique and blanket digital solutions that are equipped to meet the needs of your workplace today and in the future.

 For a successful introduction you also need to consider rules, work procedures, individual needs and the physical workplace. In addition to producing digital solutions we therefore also work with analyzing these needs and demands and we cooperate with other leading experts within these areas if needed.

 Contact us and we can go through the business area and further explain how the journey towards a better and more modern workplace can look like and what makes us unique as a supporting partner in the process.

 Consid has experts on several locations in the country with many years of experience delivering the following solutions within the area:

  • Digital workplaces
  • Bots (ex. Questions and answers)
  • Rules and compliance (ex. GDPR)
  • Intranet
  • Cooperation and communication
  • Control and management systems
  • Case management
  • Document management
  • Project management
  • Security