We are confident that our industry knowledge, combined with our commitment and drive, is what stands behind our long-term customer relationships and our positive development. We operate in the following industries, among others.

Public Sector

Consid is working with business critical solutions that simplify and streamline the organisations in this segment and thereby making it easier for humans to contribute to a better social climate.

Industry & Trade

We are working on the development of system solutions for industry and commerce but also with pure business mission to improve, simplify and transform.


Consid has leading expertise in both processes and IT in order to live up to the epithet as the markets sharpest supplier within this segment.


We help you build a retail enterpreise for the future. To succeed in today’s fast-paced retail industry, retailers must expect the unexpected and have the perfect mix of digital strenght, market differentiation and streategic operations. We can help you achieve all of this – and more.

Media & Technology

Companies within Media & Technology makes the digitalization possible – they shape ones and zeroes into creations that entertain, educate and delight people everywhere, they make devices and platforms translate code into something that we can see and hear, and they deliver this data wherever we are. Their innovations makes changes that impacts every corner of the globe and every sector of the economy.

Aerospace & Defence

We help commercial aircraft manufacturers and defense companies to take advantage of the industrial revolution. Words as speed, flexibility and precision are key in Consids efforts to help these companies to drive growth in a changing world. The industry has consolidated, the number of new applications and reducing the cost and revenue pressure increases.

Forestry & Vehicles

We give our customers within the field of Forestry & Vehicles assistance to make strategic decisions to ensure that they are investing in the right IT solutions for further development of business critical systems and management. Typical clients within this field are global companies with high expectations on interactivity, and companies in need of a supplier with a large scalability, so that they are always able to achieve the largest benefits between supply capacity and cost benefits.